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For Local Study
WHT15 - Weekly Halaqah Ta'lim
WHT16 - Weekly Halaqah Ta'lim
WHT17 - Weekly Halaqah Ta'lim
WHT18 - Weekly Halaqah Ta'lim
WHT18 (a) - Weekly Halaqah Ta'lim
WHT18 (b) - Weekly Halaqah Ta'lim
HAI17 - Halaqah Asas Islam
HAI18 - Halaqah Asas Islam
DWH17S - Dawrah Syamail Muhammadiyah - Mondays (Women Only)
DWH17PH - Dawrah Prophetic History - Thursdays (Women Only)
DWH17SMix - Dawrah Syamail Muhammadiyah - Fridays
DWH17QT - Dawrah Quran Tafseer - Saturdays (Women Only)
DWH18HDD - Dawrah Series of Imam Haddad - Saturdays
DWH18HDT - Dawrah Series of Hadith - Saturdays
BAI18A - Bahasa Arab Intensif (Asas) - Saturdays
BAI18L - Bahasa Arab Intensif (Lanjutan) - Saturdays
BAI18K - Bahasa Arab Intensif (Baca Kitab) - Saturdays

For Overseas Study
INTV - Interview
RTFT - Rubat Tareem Full Time
DMFT - Dar Al-Mustafa Full Time
DMFM - Dar Al-Mustafa Family
DZFT - Dar Az-Zahra Full Time
DMDW - Dar Al-Mustafa Dowra
DZDW - Dar Az-Zahra Dowra

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