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Rubat Singapura


It was narrated that Zaid bin Arqam said: “The Companions of the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said: ‘O Messenger of Allah, what are these sacrifices?’ He said: ‘The Sunnah of your father Ibrahim.’ They said: ‘What is there for us in them, O Messenger of Allah?’ He said: ‘For every hair, one merit.’ They said: ‘What about wool, O Messenger of Allah?’ He said: ‘For every hair of wool, one merit.’” – Narrated by Ibnu Majah

Our Programs

Halaqah Asas Bahasa Arab

Learn the Arabic Language and the basics of Islam full-time, and further your studies in Tarim or locally.

Halaqah Ta'lim Mingguan

Attain Islamic knowledge on the weekends through halaqah and with sanad by studying turath books.

Halaqah Kitab

Study one subject / turath book at a time on the weekends through halaqah and with sanad.

Essentials of the Deen

Explore foundational Islamic knowledge to deepen your faith, foster God-consciousness, and empower yourself to live with conviction.

Essentials of Worship

Reignite your God-consciousness and empower yourself to navigate modern life as confident Muslims in a cosmopolitan setting.

Soul Beats

This four-day course seeks to induct participants into this tradition by learning how to play the duff (kompang) to some common qasidahs and nashids.

Essentials of Ihsan

This 4-day course covering Ihsan, Repentance, Hope, Fear, and Devotions.

About Us

Rubat Singapura was founded by Rubat Tarim alumni, a center for study and education that teaches Islamic and Arabic sciences located in the Tarim village, Hadramout in South Yemen.

Rubat Singapura’s main goal is to share the knowledge that has been achieved from various educational institutions, namely; Rubat Tarim, Dar al-Mustafa, Dar az-Zahra and others, especially in Singaporean society and generally to others. Rubat Singapura’s study methodology is based on traditional Islamic study methodology so that we can understand & appreciate the core of Sharia Islam.

Why Us


Asatizahs are ARS certified


Face-to-face education in a group


Learn with sanad

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