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Rubat Singapura

Halaqah Ta'lim Mingguan


Halaqah with Sanad

Immerse yourself in the rich tradition of seeking Islamic knowledge through intimate circles of gathering, guided by a chain of narration that traces back to the esteemed Imams who authored the notable books, ensuring the preservation of authentic knowledge.

Timeless Turath Books

Equip yourself with invaluable knowledge as you delve into the essence of Islam through studying Turath Books across three comprehensive levels, gaining profound understanding of spiritual, legal, and historical dimensions.

Comprehensive Study

Embrace unhurried learning, delving deep into selected books at a deliberate pace. With a focus on depth, we guide you through 2 thoughtfully chosen books per year, totalling 4 books per level. This fosters comprehensive exploration and strong foundational knowledge.


Upon completing each level, progression to the next requires a simple registration.

Halaqah Ta’lim Mingguan

Marhala 1

2 years


Halaqah Ta’lim Mingguan

Marhala 2

2 years


Halaqah Ta’lim Mingguan

Marhala 3

2 years


Medium of Instruction

Classes will be taught in Malay language.

What Students Say About Halaqah Ta'lim Mingguan

FAQ for Halaqah Ta'lim Mingguan

Yes, ladies and men are segregated into different classes. The ladies are taught by ustazahs while the men are taught by ustazs.