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Rubat Singapura

Al-Risalah al-Jami'ah

Author: Habib Ahmad Bin Zain al-Habsyi


For over three centuries, al-Risalah al-Jami’ah text has been an essential guide in Shafie school of thought across the muslim world as a ‘primer’ for seekers of knowledge.


This manual underlays a solid foundation in the study of Shafie school of thought, and will assist seekers to the basic understanding of essential elements of the Islamic faith, practice and morality that are required of a muslim.

Module Outline

  • The Pillars of Islam
  • Faith, Iman
  • Obligations of the Wudhu’
  • Ritual Bath
  • Acts that invalidate the Wudhu’
The Salât
  • Obligations of the Salât
  • Acts that invalidate the Salât
  • The Juma, Friday Prayer


  • Zakât of Assets
  • Zakât al-Fitr


  • The Pillars of the Hajj
  • The pillars of the Umra
  • Tawâf and Sa’iy
  • Obligations of the Hajj
  • The Sunan of the Hajj
  • Missing out a part of the Hajj
  • Keeping the heart from vices
  • Vices of the heart
  • Vices of the limbs