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Rubat Singapura

Ayyuhal Walad

Author: Al-Imam Hujjah al-Islam Abu Hamid al-Ghazali


Letter to a Disciple is a summary of the spiritual teachings of he who was regarded as the ‘Proof of Islam’. Written towards the end of his life, Letter to a Disciple was composed in response to the request by a disciple for the master to write down in a few pages a summary of all his teachings. 


The main ideas running throughout the work are on acquiring knowledge which is of spiritual benefit, purifying the intention, and acting on the basis of the acquired knowledge. Referring extensively to the example of the Prophet and to that of the early Saints, Iman al-Ghazali gives us a work of great depth, beauty and simplicity.

Module Outline

  • The importance of practicing upon knowledge 
  • Meaning of obedience and worship 
  • Four obligations of a seeker of knowledge 
  • Eight beneficial advices of Hatim Al- A’sam
  • Characteristics of Sheikh Mursid
  • Ways of veneration upon  Sheikh Murshid 
  • Two significance of tasawwuf
  • The meaning of servitude
  • Meaning of submission 
  • Meaning of sincerity
  • Four things that need to be avoided
  • Four diseases associated with ignorance
  • Four things that need to be done
  • Supplications