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This 2-years program is designed to equip students with the basic Arabic Islamic knowledge in accordance to the traditionally learned methods that have been practiced hundred of years.

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This program comprising basic study in religion. It aims to nurture a new generation with knowledge based on trustworthiness, ethical practice and noble character that will contribute to the development of Singapore’s Muslim identity. This study aims to restore the tradition of learning Islamic knowledge in a halaqah (in circle) and with sanad (chain to the author) by learning the turaths books composed by the Muslim scholars.

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Registration close on: 27 December 2018, 6pm




Dawrah kitab is a talaqqi study of the book. The purpose is to understand the meaning and text of the book and to practice it.

The Syamail Muhammadiyah book is a book that reflects the practical example in our lives everywhere of every age, so that all Muslims are ONE in becoming the one. One is the same in nature, his life, his standing, his sitting, his eating, his drinking, and all his deeds and the affairs of the individual and society which has happened in the times of the companions of radhiyaAllah ‘anhum ajmain.

That is how in the current time inshaAllah will return to those days, the days where the Prophet’s ﷺ Syakhsiah became the idol and the example of every man, no longer emulating west or east.”

– Syeikh Abdul Fattah Abu Ghuddah –

Lesson Objectives:

1. To nurture love for the noble Prophet ﷺ.

2. Know Rasul ﷺ personality in detail.

3. Able to practise what you have learnt.

4. Adopt Rasul’s ﷺ ways and actions.

5. Know the narrators in the book.

6. To learn some of the phrases describing the words, actions, or habits of the Islamic Prophet Muhammad.

(Ilmu Hadis).

  • Class will be in Malay.
  • For women only.
  • No limited time to finish the book; The study ends after the whole book is read (khatam kitab), guided by asatizah.

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The Holy Qur’an is the unalterable word of God – timeless guidance for the life of this world and the reality of existence. Join us as we take a sip from its oceans of miracles, and be awed as God’s gift of guidance illuminates our hearts and lives. InshaAllah.

The course will be going through the content and provide backgrounds and meanings not contained literally in Quranic verses, as well as give the different views and opinions of scholars on the various surahs in the last section of the Qur’an from surah an-Naba’ to surah an-Nas.

– Course is conducted in English
– Only for women
– There is no finalized duration of the entire course; It will end once the entire Tafseer of the 30th Section (Juz) of the Qur’an is completed.

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The most influential person in history. The perfect human being. A man venerated and loved by billions world wide for more than 14 hundred years. The beloved one who perfected noble character. He is our prophet, and the prophet to all of humanity till the end of time. As we study his life and open our hearts to the magnificent light that is his, be prepared to fall in love over and over again with a man who himself longed to meet us, Prophet Muhammad ‎ﷺ.

The course will guide students through the life of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ from the time just before his birth, to his passing ﷺ, based on the arabic book Seerah an-Nabawiyah as-Sharifah.

– Course is conducted in English
– Only for women
– There is no finalized duration of the entire course; It will end once the entire book is complete.

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