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Rubat Singapura

Payment Policy

Halaqah Asas Bahasa Arab, Halaqah Ta'lim Mingguan & Halaqah Kitab

School fees are payable for 12 months; as instead of a one-time payment for the total fees payable annually, the fees are spread out over a period of 12 months.

School fees are payable on the 1st of every month. They are not dependable on the number of lessons a student attends. 

Note: Should a student send a withdrawal email on the 1st of a particular month, school fee applies for said month.

With effect from 1st January 2022, monthly school fee that is not fully paid by its due date (15th of the month) will incur a late payment fee of $10. 

Yearly Payment Plan

If a student on the yearly payment plan withdraws from the program before the end of the academic year, monthly payment plan fee rates apply to the student for that academic year and the remaining monthly fees will be refunded to the student wherever applicable. 

Short Courses

Participants must complete registration and payment in full prior to the commencement of the short course. Payment is required for the entire duration of the program.

Once a participant is registered for a short course and payment has been processed, refunds will not be issued under any circumstances. This policy applies regardless of attendance or participation in the course. By registering for the short course, participants acknowledge and accept this no-refund policy.