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Rubat Singapura

Habib Salim bin ‘Abdullah bin ‘Umar Asy-Syathiri


Habib Salim bin ‘Abdullah bin ‘Umar As Syatiri was born in Tarim, Hadramout in 1359H. His father, Habib ‘Abdullah is the founder of Rubath Tarim who has produced thousands of scholars and students from all over the Muslim world. He (Habib ‘Abdullah) was a famous pious scholar. The mother of Habib Salim, Syarifah Ruqayyah binti Muhammad bin Hasan Mawla Aidid, is a pious woman who preferred seclusion (uzlah) to rightfully serve Allah SWT. Both his parental genealogical tree link to the lineage of the Prophet’s descendent if Sayyidina Hussain (may Allah SWT please be upon him).

When he was 3 years old, Habib Salim was orphaned by the return of his father to Allah SWT. But his care and upbringing of religion was never been neglected. Before he reached the age of 11 years old, he had memorised the Al-Quran Al Kareem. He studied various field of Islamic knowledge under the tutelage of around 80 notable scholars of Hadramout and Haramain (the blessed Mecca and Medina).

His teachers were:

  • Habib Muhammad Al-Mahdi
  • Habib Abu Bakar
  • Habib Hasan bin ‘Abdullah As Syatiri
  • Habib ‘Alwi Shihabuddin
  • Habib Ja’far bin Ahmad Al-Aydarus
  • Habib ‘Alwi bin ‘Abbas Al-Maliki Al-Hasani
  • Syaikh Hasan bin Muhammad Masyath
  • Syaikh ‘Abdullah Sa’id Al-Lahji Asy Syafi’i
  • Habib Hasan bin Muhammad Fad’aq
  • Syaikh Hasan bin Sa’id

Upon his return to Yemen, he has utilised duly his time to preach and spread knowledge. He has lived 15 years in the city of Aden and became the significant teacher and the prolific preacher in the mosque of Habib Abu Bakar Al-Adni bin ‘Abdullah Al-Aydarus.

In 1403H, upon the request of Habib Zain bin Ibrahim bin Sumait and Habib Muhammad Al-Haddar, he settled in Medina and inculcated masses in Rubath Al-Jufri.

Every Ramadhan, he adds his night prayers up to 100 cycles per night. Habib Salim now devotes himself to flourish the prominent institute known as Rubath Tareem, Hadramout, Yemen. The institution has about 500 students from various countries, including Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Tanzania and South Africa. He also graces the madras, the grand weekly Islamic event known widely to the people of Tareem. As a prolific teacher and a fatherly preacher, many who sought knowledge from him graduated from Rubath Tareem, are now conducting open classes teaching Islamic classical manuals in their respective countries.

Habib Salim Roles & Activities in Tareem

  • Musyrif ‘Am
  • The Madras
  • The operator Rohah
  • As a significant tutor who teaches and nurtures from morning till sunset
  • Being the reference point for religious issues & scholastic solutions
  • He rewards Ijazah (permission) to student who are eligible (in the field of AlQuran, Hadtih and Fiqh)

In his classes, Habib Salim often emphasizes on the seeking knowledge with patience, diligence and truthful. He also asserts the importance of acting upon the knowledge accompanied with sincerity. Whenever he elucidates scholastic issues, he adopts traditional approaches. He also describes and delineates detailed conclusions for Islamic scholastic issues to be easily comprehended and memorized.

On top of his hectic local scholastic activities, he does rehlah missionaries and travels to various parts of Islamic world for da’wah. He also participates in official and private Islamic functions and deliver numerous talks in various part of the Islamic world.

May Allah SWT grant perfect health and longevity to scholar who is dubbed as ‘Sulthanul Ilmi’ for the benefit of the religion and the ummah.

O aamiin.