1. To reignite the tradition of attaining Islamic knowledge through halaqah and with sanad by studying turath books, i.e treasures of intellectual Islamic scholars over the centuries.
2. To build a knowledgeable, practicing and moralistic generation

Programme Levels

Marhala 1

Al-Risalah al-Jami’ah

Bidayah al-Hidayah

Durus Tauhid

Khulasoh Nur al-Yaqin

Marhala 2

Safinah an-Najah

Ta’lim al-Muta’allim

Aqidah al-Awwam

Al-Arba’in an-Nawawi


Marhala 3

Muqaddimah Hadhramiyyah*

Ayyuhal Walad

Surah Al-Fatihah & a portion of Juz ‘Amma

Syarah Ratib al-Haddad

  • Click on book title to view module overview.
  • Programmes & books may be changed without prior notice
  • * women will use the Tarbiyatul Awlad (Fiqhul Usrah) book

Who Should Attend

This program is for those who wish to learn the basic Islamic knowledge that includes fardhu ‘ain and kifayah through the method of talaqqi.

Entry Requirements

Desire to learn must come from the student himself/herself (ie. it is not due to the coercion of his parents or guardians)


4 books

Registration: $50 (One-time payment)

Monthly: $65

2 books

Registration: $50 (One-time payment)

Monthly: $55


Assessment is optional. It consists of attendance (80%) and tests (20%), together with the assessment of the teacher (overall). Only those who opt for assessment will be awarded a transcript at the end of the programme. 

Date, Time & Venue

Day: Saturdays/Sundays
Time: 9am – 1pm
Venue: Madrasah Alsaggoff Al-Arabiah*

*Venue is subject to change without prior notice.  And due to Covid-19 situation, all classes are held online until further notice.  


You can find a list of teachers teaching in Rubat Singapura here.


January intake.
Registration closes on 13 December 2020, when if classes are full.

I like how approachable and relatable the asatizah are and that they’ve so much knowledge to share. I am learning so much from them just by being in their presence alhamdulillah. I like the beautiful reminders that they will never fail to shower us with when a prominent Islamic event is approaching.
Puteri Sukma Binte Muhammad Rahiman Wee
Student of WHT17
They are simple and easy to understand and put into practice.
Student of WHT18
I like how the programme has a holistic curriculum for people who would like to relearn Fardhu' Ain. It is also a good introduction to Islamic sacred sciences and traditional learning for people who are "beginners" in learning about Islam.
Nadiah Ismail
Student of WHT19
The subject is taught into the finest details which makes things very clear.
Wafeeq Kamal
Student of WHT20
I like the intimacy of the class and how students are comfortable with asking any questions to the teacher. The programme also doesn’t rush to finish syllabus but instead teachers take time to explain everything and deliver it to us. I enjoy the classes here.
Nur Hazwani
Student of WHT19