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Rubat Singapura

Bi'ah Mustofawiyyah


Rubat Singapura is dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge and the practice of moralistic living, guided by the principles of al-‘ilm wa al-‘aml – knowledge and action. It was established by Rubat Tarim alumni, an educational institution teaching Islamic and Arabic sciences located in the village of Tarim, by the valley of Hadramaut in the Republic of Yemen. Their primary objective is to share with the rest of the Muslim community in Singapore what they have attained in Rubat Tarim, Dar al-Mustafa & Dar al-Zahra. 

Our Vision

To foster the development of a Muslim who not only acquires knowledge (ilm) but also diligently translates it into practice (‘amal) and nurtures it with the seeds of sincerity (ikhlas), piety (taqwa), fear (khauf), and a steadfast commitment to righteousness (wara’).

Our Goal

To preserve and restore the Turath (classical) learning methodology and pedagogy perceived from the golden age of Islam and, as a result, appreciate and cherish the essences of Divine Islamic Syari’ah.

“O child, Knowledge without action is madness, and action without knowledge is in vain”

Ayyuhal Walad, Imam Al-Ghazali

“Wahai anak, Ilmu tanpa amal adalah kegilaan, dan amal tanpa ilmu adalah sia-sia”

Ayyuhal Walad, Imam Al-Ghazali

Our Teaching Methodology & Curriculum

At Rubat Singapura, our curriculum and programs closely echo those taught at Rubat Tarim. Our teaching methodology draws from traditional Islamic institutions, emphasizing effective learning through focused learning circle (Halaqah).

We exclusively focus on teaching Turath books—treasures of wisdom passed down by intellectual Islamic scholars over centuries. These works and writings are deeply rooted in the teachings and principles found in the Holy Qur’an and As-Sunnah, providing a rich and authentic foundation for our students’ education.