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Rubat Singapura

Full-time study in Tarim

As Tarim is widely acknowledged as the theological, juridical, and academic centre of the Valley of Hadramaut, Yemen, students from countries all over the world have come to learn from the blessed land. Tarim is also home to a few honourable educational institutes, well known for its study of traditional Islamic Sciences. Namely Rubat Tarim, Dar Al-Mustafa and Dar Az-Zahra. While Rubat Tarim, Dar Al-Mustafa are institutions grooming men, women are nurtured in the blessed Dar Az-Zahra. Below are other institutions in Tarim.

Rubat Muhajir

Dar al-Qom

Ma'had Rushdi

Ma'had Aydarus

Rubat Seiyun​

Dar As-Solihin

Ma'had Yusra

Darul Ibtihaj

Information not ready yet for institutions in grey

Full-time study in UAE

Registration Process for Full-Time Studies Overseas

Are you looking to continue your studies in Tarim or other countries? Here’s an overview of the registration process.

Register Interest

Fill in the form in the section below to express your interest in studying Tarim.

Interview for Recommendation Letter

We will schedule an interview with you primarily to evaluate your proficiency in the Arabic language and your basic knowledge of Islamic studies. This interview will help us in composing a recommendation letter on your behalf.

Recommendation Letter

Following the interview, we will furnish you with a recommendation letter to bolster your application.


Apply for admission to the institution of your choice (Dar al-Mustafa, Dar al-Zahra, Rubat Tarim etc.) during their respective application period


Await for the acceptance of admission to the institution.


Upon successful admission, we will submit a student visa application


Make way to Tarim

Request Information or Register Interest

Submit your details to enquire and learn more about studying in Tarim/overseas, or register your interest to start your journey in studying in Tarim/overseas.