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Rubat Singapura

Halaqah Kitab:
Durus Tauhid


1. To provide seekers the necessary knowledge and certainty in affirming an important tenet of the religion: Iman (Faith).
2. To reignite the tradition of attaining Islamic knowledge through halaqah and with sanad by studying turath books, i.e treasures of intellectual Islamic scholars over the centuries.
3. To build a knowledgeable, practicing and moralistic generation

Medium of Instruction

Classes will be taught in Malay language.

Module Outline

Durus Tauhid is part of Halaqah Kitab which consists of a series of certificates that can be stacked up towards Halaqah Ta’lim Mingguan Certificates.

Durus Tauhid (‘Lessons in Divine Unity’) is a brief manual which discusses on an important article of the religion: Iman (Faith). It also guides a beginner towards understanding the necessary, impossible, and possible attributes of Allah. In knowing so, a Muslim will be able to properly comprehend the meanings that underlie the first portion of the testimony of faith, which is: There is no god worthy of worship except Allah. To complete it, he will have to affirm the prophethood of Muhammad ﷺ by knowing the necessary, impossible, and possible attributes in regard to him and the other prophets and messengers.

Who is this program for?

This program is for those who wish to attain a basic understanding and affirmation of the essential elements of the Islamic faith.

Day, Time & Venue

Below are the available days and time slots. A minimum number of 15 students is required to start a class.

Day: Sundays 
Time: 11.15 am – 1 pm 
Venue: PKMS Building #03-08

: Sundays
Time: 11.15 am – 1 pm 
Venue: Musollah Masjid Hajjah Fatimah


Assessment is optional. Only those who opt for assessment may request for a transcript at the end of the program. 

Eligibility to seat for exam:
Attandance 80%
Mid Year Exam: 20%
Final Year Exam: 50%
Teacher’s Assessment: 30%


You can view the list of teachers teaching in Rubat Singapura here


Halaqah Kitab: Durus Tauhid

Registration Fee (One-time) $50
Monthly Payment $59

Refer to our payment policy here.

Entry Requirements

Desire to learn must come from the student himself/herself (ie. it is not due to the coercion of his parents or guardians).


Registration opens in the last quarter of the year for next year’s January intake.

FAQ for Halaqah Ta'lim Mingguan

Yes, ladies and men are segregated into different classes. The ladies are taught by ustazahs while the men are taught by ustazs.