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Rubat Singapura

What is Khidmah

Every Prophets had their followers. In the Holy Quran, Al-Hawariyyun was used to describe as the followers of Prophet Isa alaihis salam.

Why Khidmah

  • They are the heir of the prophets
  • Rewards
  • Your family will receive as much as what you get


  • Serve for the sake of Allah swt and His Messenger, refresh your intention with sincerity
  • Serve for the sake of our teachers
  • Serve at the interest of whomever you are serving, not your agenda
  • Serve with knowledge
  • Always ask, especially you are unsure
  • Expect changes in the plan
  • Respect everyone, especially the elderly, seniors, and team members.
  • Be dynamic
  • Observe your ettiquette
  • Be observant of the needs of the guest
  • Practice sunnah such as being presentable, put on itr
  • Offer what you have to put in khidmah eg. cars, photography devices
  • Allocate your availability for the ease of planning


  • No expectations
  • No special priviledges
  • Do not decide on something that you are unauthorised for
  • Do not question the task with the intention of questioning
  • Do not be selective of the tasks