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Rubat Singapura

Ma'had Al-Ghanna

About Ma'had Al-Ghanna

Al Ghanna Tarim Institute for Arabic Studies is an institution focuses on teaching the Arabic Language to non Arab speakers. We also include a portion of other relevant Islamic sciences (Sharia – Dawah – Tarbiyah) which is needed by the Ummah in present times.


Achieving excellence in teaching Arabic to non arab speakers while giving them portions of other Islamic Sciences (Sharia-Dawah-Tarbiyah).


To qualify those who are keen in learning the Quran in reading, understanding and speaking the language.


1. Planting the love and veneration of the language of Quran in the hearts of the students while showing the beauty of it.

2. Introducing the students to the correct Arabic vocabulary and how to use them correctly.

3. Empowering the students to read, speak and use the language correctly.

4. Getting the students used to correctly expressing themselves orally and written.

5. Linking Arabic education with the Islamic sciences (Sharia- Dawah - Suluk)

Connect with Ma'had Al-Ghanna

Facebook: @learnarabictarim
Instagram: @learnarabictarim
Twitter: @learnarabic_T

Daily Timetable

Time Item/Activity
Fajr Pray congregation at the mosque
After Fajr Quran recitation
Isyraq Break & Breakfast
08:00 am Class (Period 1)
09:00 am Class (Period 2)
10:00 am Break
10:30 am Class (Period 3)
11:30 am Class (Period 4)
12:30 pm Break time and lunch
Asr Pray congregation at the mosque
After Asr Class
Maghrib Pray congregation at the mosque
After Maghrib Quran recitation
Isya Pray congregation at the mosque
After Isya Dinner
10:00 pm Lights off

Conditions of Acceptance

1. Applicants should not be younger than 16 years of age
2. Applicants should adhere to proper and appropriate dress code
3. Applicants should respect the social norms of Tarim
4. Applicants passports should be valid for travel for at least 18 months
5. Applicants should be free from any known illness and agree to a medical examination if required


No. Item(s) Amount (USD)
1 Education & accommodation fees including food 1190.00
2 Process fees and blood test etc 150.00
3 Registration fees and level evaluation etc 100.00
4 Health prevention 100.00
5 Flight return ticket (Guarantor) 750.00
  Total 2290.00

Note: Price shown excludes travel fee