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Rubat Singapura

Rubat Al-Fath

Daily Routine

Pre-FajrPre-Fajr Adzkar 
FajrSolat Fajr 
 Adzkar after Solat Fajr 
 Hissoh 1 – NahuNo classes on Thursdays (Area cleaning)
 Hissoh 2 – Fiqh 
 Rest/free time 
1 hr or 1.5 hr before DzuhrHifz Qur’an or Hifz Mutun 
 Dares Hadith with Habib Muhammad 
1 hr after DzuhrSolat Dzuhr 
AsarHizb Qur’an 
 Solat Asar 
 Ratib Al-Attas 
MaghribSolat Maghrib 
 Dares FiqhEvery Friday: Dares Tawhid instead
 Solat Isha’ 


• No tertib khuruj or munasabats like Dar al-Mustafa
• Souq time is supervised once every 2 weeks

Requirements for Registration 

  • • Official entry age is 17 years old. However, Habib Muhammad bin Agil will make exceptions for countries that are not or lowly represented in Rubat Al-Fath, e.g. Singaporeans.




No.Item(s)Amount (USD)
1Fees 600/year*

*USD50/month; payable in yearly blocks that is USD600/year.


(Updated as of 29 October 2021)