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Rubat Singapura

Al-Wasatiyyah Al-Shar'iyyah University


Al-Wasatiyah University is a well-structured, non-profit educational institution that has received recognition from the Minister of Education in Yemen. The idea to establish the Alwasatiah Assyariyyah Faculty for Islamic Sciences has emerged, in accordance with the decree number (1349) from the Ministry of Education in 2014. It was founded by Al-Alamah Al-Habib Dr. Abu Bakar Adni bin Ali Al-Masyhur (rahimahullah), and teaching commenced in 2017 with majors in fiqh and usul.


To prepare outstanding graduates in a stimulating educational environment that keeps pace with technological advancements, achieved through the development of high-quality programs and scientifically competent faculty, all of which contribute to community service and sustainability, guided by the principles and shariah methods of Al-Wasatiah and a sound understanding.


Our vision encompasses leadership and academic excellence, research development and methodologies, a strong commitment to community engagement, and the pursuit of sustainable growth in alignment with the curriculum of Al-Wasatiah Hadramaut madrasah.


  • Sincerity and development
  • Serious compliance and credibility
  • Authenticity and creativity
  • Quality and excellence
  • Mutual respect
  • Construction competition
  • Proper command and planning
  • Trust and responsibility
  • Initiative spirit and collective action
  • Lifelong education
  • Communicating with the community and serving them


  • Cultivate graduates with profound knowledge and humanity that aligns with the Islamic principles of Al-Wasatiah.
  • Prepare students for comprehensive scientific studies and research that generally contribute to sustainable growth.
  • Serve the community by establishing research centres and providing scientific guidance.
  • Forge and document partnerships with local and international universities and institutions to enhance the university’s impact and resources.
  • Promote a deeper understanding of Islamic ethics in addressing contemporary challenges, guided by the shariah principles of Al-Wasatiah and a correct interpretation
  • Contribute to the revitalisation of Islamic discourse.


  • Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research of Yemen: The University of Al-Wasatiah Assyariyyah Lilulum Islamiah Wal Insaniah has obtained an official license and accreditation to operate according to the documents issued by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research through Ministerial Decision No. (4) of 2020 M, and is subject to the Law of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research of Yemen as a Private University (non-profit), and accepts Yemeni and international students from outside Yemen, and depends on the regular education system, where students study in the country of the headquarters.
  • All academic programs offered by the university are licensed by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.

University Research Centres

  • Cultural Rectification Centre
  • Language Centre
  • Prophetic Tradition Centre

Education System

  • “The university is a civil academy dedicated to teaching Islamic and humanitarian sciences and strives to fulfill the education and learning processes by applying a quality system in university education and placing its graduates with scientific skills, educational ethics, and critical thinking acquired from the straight path of Islam, the Alwasatiah Assyar’iyyah methodology, and correct understanding.
  • The university is a private (non-profit) academic institution consisting of several Sharia and humanities colleges that provide various educational programs and are licensed by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in the Republic of Yemen.”

Language of Instruction

  • Arabic: Arabic is the fundamental language for the educational programs delivered at Alwasatia Assyar’iyyah Lilulum Islamiah wal Insaniah University.
  • English: English is a secondary language alongside the core language (Arabic) for teaching students at Alwasatiah Assyar’iyyah Lilulum Islamiah wal Insaniah University.

Learning Methods

Alwasatiah Assyar’iyyah Lilulum Islamiah wal Insaniyah University provides two learning models, offering regular and distance learning, and relies on modern university education patterns, which play a crucial role and supervision for students without neglecting the role of students in learning and self-development.



Faculty of Usuluddin


  • Al-Hadith
  • Al-Aqidah
  • Fiqh

Faculty of Al-Quran


  • At-Tafseer
  • Al-Qiraat

Faculty of Ulum Shar’iyyah & Law


  • Fiqh & Usul Fiqh
  • Shar’iyyah & Law

Faculty for Ladies


  • Fiqh Tahawwulat & Da’wah
  • Fiqh & Usul Fiqh
Mandatory Arabic Program

The Arabic Program offers a comprehensive foundation in the Arabic language and is mandatory for students who wish to advance to a degree. However, students also have the option to take this program independently, without proceeding to the degree program.

Entrance Test Details

Students interested in the degree program must take an entrance test conducted in Indonesia. The test is administered in Arabic and covers multiple subjects to assess the applicant’s proficiency and knowledge comprehensively.


  • At least 3 principle passes in A Level or similar grades in equivalent qualifications; OR
  • Diploma in Islamic Studies from Islamic Institutions with at least the Jayyid grade; OR
  • Certificate of Pre-University 2 in Madrasah with at least the Jayyid grade


Language Requirements
At entry point, students shall possess basic English proficiency and intermediate Arabic proficiency. The Arabic professioncy will be tested in the entrance test.

Last updated: 29 May 2024