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Rubat Singapura

Ta'lim al-Muta'allim

Author: Shaykh Burhanuddin al-Zarnuji


This is a remarkable manual that touches upon the method by which students of the classical Muslim world learned their studies in a traditional way. Its author, Imam al-Zarnuji, has attracted the attention of Western men of learning for centuries, as they tried to decipher the secret behind the stunning educational success of Islamic civilization.


This book reflects the relevance of exercising etiquette (adab) in the contemporary era.

Module Outline

  • The Nature and Merit of Knowledge and Learning
  • The Purpose of Study
  • The Choices in Learning
  • Respecting Knowledge and Those Who Possess It
  • Earnestness, Perseverance, and Assiduity
  • The Beginning of Study, Its Amount, and Its Organization
  • Relying on God
  • The Time for the Acquisition of Knowledge
  • Helpfulness and Good Advice
  • Useful Means for the Attainment of Knowledge
  • Abstinence During the Pursuit of Knowledge
  • Memory and Forgetfulness
  • One’s Livelihood and One’s Life