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Rubat Singapura

Essentials of Spirituality

Course Outline

Most Muslims would have heard of the term “tasawwuf” (Islamic spirituality) but many are unsure of what it encompasses. Some are directed to the institution of the tariqah (spiritual path) with a central murshid (spiritual guide) who guides the spiritual aspirant. Whilst the institution of the tariqah is closely related to tasawwuf, the science of tasawwuf is much larger than that and can be practised even by those who do not pledge any allegiance to a particular tariqah. This course will give attendees a broad outline of what tasawwuf is and how it may be put to practice in this day and age. It is suitable for youth about 15 years of age with some background in Islamic studies.

– The 10 Foundational Principles of Tasawwuf

– Sins of the Limbs and the Heart
– Overcoming Obstacles to Worship

– The Destructive (Muhlikat) and Saving (Munjiyyat) Traits

– Spiritual Stations
– Spirituality in Practice

Medium of Instruction

The course will be taught in English language.

Date, Time & Venue

Date: TBC
Day: TBC
Time: TBC
Venue: 218E Changi Rd, PKMS Building, #03-08, Singapore 419737


This course will be taught by Ustaz Ahmad Khairuddin. You can view the list of teachers teaching in Rubat Singapura here


$80 for 4 sessions

Refer to our payment policy here.

Entry Requirements

Desire to learn must come from the student himself/herself (ie. it is not due to the coercion of his parents or guardians).


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